The Arts

adult-art-character-1333304Art for many people is associated with school and often causes the response  ‘I can’t do art, I’m not good at drawing’… the good news is, you don’t need to be good at art. Really you don’t!

The arts are used as a tool to express,  explore, and even make a mess if that is what is needed.  The focus is on inner experience—the client’s feelings, perceptions, and imagination. The emphasis is on developing and expressing images that come from inside the person, rather than those he or she sees in the outside world.

In bringing together the aesthetic and psychological, art psychotherapy results in something unique.

There will be a variety of media, including traditional art materials, sand tray, sculpting materials, print making, puppets and found objects.  All of which are there as an invitation to use.

The overall aim is to support change and growth on a personal level through the use of art materials in a safe and facilitating environment.